Kristallyn Notes is a graphic Novelette made for instagram by art director Iris van Hassel and scriptwriter Jantiene de Kroon. You can now read all episodes on our radio_oranova instagram account.

Kristallyn Notes is part of the Oranova, a world building project by Merel Barends and Jantiene de Kroon. In Kristallyn Notes you follow the expats Magma and Radyan who are trying to built a new life on the planet Kristallyn.

The universe of Oranova is boundless, so are the ways one could perceive it. Magma’s and Radyan’s fates had to intertwine while being almost the entire opposites in their nature. The ways they experience things differ significantly, and we get to spectate the multifaceted essence of the entire story through the character’s diaries.
Magma is a rejected young artist, she processes the world through colors and painterly textures, while a mirrormaker Radyan is far more rational and technical than that.